Monday, December 10, 2007

Regarding Health Insurance...

OK, I've been on the same health insurance - Cigna - for 6 years. I had a doctor named Dr. Vascellaro during that time. He and I worked through my Zoloft years and tried a couple different antidepressants, until we finally settled on Cymbalta.
I've been working out of town for many months. During that time my doctor sold his family practice and is now an attending physician for Norman Regional Hospital. Which wasn't in my Cigna network so I never found another doctor. A family member gave me their bottle of double dose Cymbalta, a couple months' worth and I have been taking them. Now, as of December 1st, my Cigna insurance is ended and my BCBS of Oklahoma insurance is in effect. To make matters worse, I'm in Shreveport and I'm about to run out of Cymbalta.
I'm in a new management position at work and this requires me to be at my peak performance. I'm afraid to run out of Cymbalta during this period. I simply need to see a new doctor and get my prescription refilled. Maybe consult on the fact that I upped my dose without permission from my old doctor...
I read the back of my new BCBS card and it has a number to find a local provider. Good. Check. Done. Then there's another number that says: Precertification Required. What is Precertification? Do I need to do it? Will I lose anything? Like benefits for a pre-existing condition or what? I don't understand, and I don't want to call BCBS and tell them anything that might enable them not to pay for my consultation.
Who do I ask and how do you figure this stuff out?


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